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Nori model sheet

Nori is a 6 and 3/4 year old, but she says 6 and a half cause she still doesn’t know anything about fractions. She is brave, curious, funny and a bit mischievous sometimes. She likes to live in her own world and her huge imagination helps her achieve this constant fantasy.

Nori close up
 Nori being sassy

Background by Evelijn Neefjes

oldnori model sheet final.png

Backgrounds by Evelijn Neefjes


Welcome to the tea party, where we have sugarbees, honey worms, milk flies and tea bugs coming in different flavours. Here you can also find your favourite characters in new shapes like Alice, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat (designed by Nicole Lewis) and expression/lip sync sheets done by me.
Click on the sugarbee to find more about this wonderful project.

Tea bugs

Backgrounds by Emile Juodzeviciute

Backgrounds by Emile Juodzeviciute

Backgrounds by Emile Juodzeviciute

Girl animation by Nicole Lewis

Boterhamshow characters

I had to design some characters for the Boterham show, two shorts of which directed by Arno de Grijs. The first two are little boys called Jay and Robert. Jay being more adventurous and mischievous while Robert is a bit nerdy, but curious and inventive.

Keyframed and animated by me/Backgrounds by Evelijn Neefjes/Storyboard, edit, compositing and string animation by Arno de Grijs

The second bunch is consisted of Torkel, Denis and Wim, who like to show off their butts and chill in the sun.

Keyframed by me/Animated by Niek Grootendorst/Backgrounds by Evelijn Neefjes/Storyboard, edit and compositing by Arno de Grijs

Sandra and Johan

Sandra is a fashionable fun and enthusiastic student, who traveled abroad in order to study and is trying to find friends. She starts communicating with Johan who is a young poor boy from the 1920s and is also about to immigrate to America. They talk to each other through postcards and find comfort in each other.


Mao is a human-red panda hybrid made for a 2D game. She is energetic and brave but also a bit clumsy and can pass as rude sometimes, as she says everything that is on her mind. The little panda has special gloves that can shoot paw shaped energy beams and uses her tail for both defence and attack.

Mao final colours
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